Senior Network Engineer @ Goodlettsville, TN

Company Name:
Maganti IT Resources LLC
Title: Senior Network Engineer
Location: Goodlettsville, TN
Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Participate As A Leading Member Of The IT Architecture Committee To Help Design Scalable, Enterprise-Level Solutions For Networks, Operating Systems, Databases, And Applications.
Reports to Network services senior manager.
Manage And Support A Breadth Of Network Technologies, Including Routers, Firewalls, Wireless Solutions, Multicast Solutions, WAN Technologies, Etc.
Manage In-Scope Networks And Systems In Accordance With The Formal Change Management Procedures And Processes.
Provide Support For Basic Budgeting And Procurement Processes.
Expert-Level Understanding of Network Architecture and Solutions, With a Focus on Cisco Solutions.
Extensive Experience Designing, Implementing, and Supporting Networks in Enterprise-Level Organizations.
Will work in on call rotation with other engineers and architects.
Required skills:
Experience Designing and Supporting Voice over IP Solutions.
Expertise with a Breadth of Network Technologies, Including Routers, Firewalls, Wireless Solutions, Multicast Solutions, WAN Technologies, Etc.
Ability to Maintain Current Working Knowledge of Related Hardware, Software, Solutions, and Processes.
Experience Participating in Large, Complex Projects.
Experience with Overseeing Basic Budgeting And Procurement Processes.
Experience working with Third Parties (Contractors/Consultants).
Experience with coordinating Internal and External Auditing Efforts in order to Meet Compliance Requirements for Network Security Related Procedures, Processes and Activities.
Must Have:
Bachelors degree (higher preferred)
7-10 years IT experience required
3-5 years experience architecting and engineering enterprise-level network infrastructure.
3-5 years participating in formal projects is required.
Extensive knowledge and experience with designing, implementing, and supporting technical solutions
Advanced knowledge of the following technologies: Nexus, VPC, VSS, OSPF, BGP, RIP, DMVPN, IPSLA, MPLS, SIP, IOS, IOS-XE, F5, Multicast/PIM, VRF, IPSEC On IOS-XE, PFR, WCCP, WAAS, CUBE, And UCS.
Cisco CCIE Certification
Should someone need more information I can be reached at or 203-567-0144.
Thank you for your time.

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